Annual Inspections

In both New York and New Jersey, all elevators are required to be tested each year.  Every fifth year, an additional weight test is added to the requirements for traction elevators.  These are commonly referred to as CAT 1 and CAT 5 tests. The tests are designed to identify safety and performance issues that need attention.  Heavy fines can result if testing is not done in a timely manner, and corrections of non-conformities are not completed and verified.

Slade's Approach

At Slade, we view testing as a confirmation that our maintenance procedures are working as designed. Each system of your elevator is evaluated during the 11 months before the test to minimize the risk of violations.


During the test, we complete our own 100+ item checklist, including many items beyond the legal minimum requirements. If violations are found, our best-in-class violations management staff has the skills to quickly address and correct any deficiencies.  Our staff knows what it takes to keep you moving.

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