The elevator industry has been around for 130+ years, so you can be forgiven if you think the technology of moving people is "old".  The truth is very different.  From the components we use to the techniques we employ, the business of modernizing aging equipment is experiencing a technological renaissance.  At Slade, we embrace innovative ideas to deliver better value for you.

Here are just a few innovations that make Slade modernizations a great value:

  • 4D electronic ride quality analysis:  

We can tune your system to the smoothest ride by

electronically recording the movement of your elevator in

each direction throughout the shaft. The measurements

of each axis, plus changes over time pinpoint the root

causes of poor ride quality.  

  • Electronic rope tension equalization:  

Ideally, the weight of the cab is spread equally among the steel ropes (typically 4-6 ropes per car). Uneven weight distribution reduces rope life, prematurely wears mechanical components and degrades ride quality. Equalizing the tension has typically been done by hand, similar to tuning a piano. With electronic equalization, we can measure tension accurately to deliver top performance.

  • AC Gearless Machines:  

The elevator industry is quickly adopting gearless AC motors as the standard ​ for simplified installation, maintenance and reliability. Geared systems still have a place in certain situations, but the elimination of gears, machine oil and oil leaks provides significant advantages.

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