The goal of Slade's maintenance program is to anticipate problems and take necessary actions to prevent them from happening.  We accomplish this task using techniques designed for aerospace and automotive companies to continuously improve reliability.

We studied the root causes of elevator problems 

and identified the key actions that will keep your

equipment running.  With this in mind, we have

created a month-by-month maintenance schedule

that addresses different issues on each visit.  The

results are dramatically fewer shutdowns,

avoidance of costly repairs and higher customer



You put your trust in us to keep you moving, and

we work every day to earn that trust.  Our

technicians are given refresher training every 

year.  We also send supervisors to audit our work,

to ensure that every Slade customer receives the

highest quality of service.


Performance means your equipment operates as

designed, with maximum uptime and reliability.  

We have the skills and knowledge to keep you moving.  We also maintain state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, a database of proper settings for brakes, safeties and critical safety items.